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The Page of Shame

Think of this as a review site, where we review what we consider to be bad customers. Other merchants: We think you should think twice before doing business with these individuals. But that's just our opinion.

Chargebacks, Credit Card Fraud, Dishonored Payments

Back when people paid for most purchases by check, merchants often pinned up returned checks in their retail location for others to see. This was a form of shaming. People don't pay by check anymore and people now purchase items on computers or phones using the internet. What has not changed is a very very small percentage of people still fail to pay for things they purchase and occasionally a small group of these people engage in outright fraud. This is a list of absupply.net customers who have filed chargebacks with their credit card company claiming defect, not calling absupply.net first to allow us to resolve the problem and refusing to return all attempts at follow up allowing us to make right any issue that occured. Some people might call these folks scumbags, scammers or deadbeats, but we're too polite to do that.

A person who uses the name

Has following telephone number listed:

And has used email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

And has shipped to the following addresses:
Phillip Rudiart
201 N ILLINOIS ST Suite 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States

Phillip Rudiart
5401 S Kirkman Road Suite 310
Orlando, FL 32819
United States

May be perpetrating credit card fraud using a false front virtual office. The interesting thing is when the material is delivered to the general receptionist that is tasked with receiving deliveries for the particular floor within the building - what is this person doing with these packages on behalf of a person who likely does not exist at these addresses?

15237 Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23608
Mike Patel
[email protected]

Mr. Mike Patel place an order with our company on August 10th of 2018 for 10 battery packs that would operate the locks on the motel doors. The order for the 10 battery packs were delivered on August 14th 2018.

Two weeks later the client claimed that two of the battery packs were damaged and included photographs that justified that claim. We replaced them and have the replacement to battery packs in the client's possession within two weeks. We filed a claim with the carrier and were reimbursed for the cost of the two battery packs and the original shipping.

On October 12th of 2018 the client filed a chargeback, two full months after the original order was placed and six entire weeks after the two damaged units were replaced. The quiet now claimed that four of the battery packs were damaged but failed to produce any evidence of this originally or after the back charge was filed. I called the client multiple times sent multiple emails to simply take care of the resolution of the problem and the client refused to reply.

It is my conclusion that Mike Patel of ECONO LODGE FORT EUSTIS is a dishonest character who will not hesitate to file a back charge and make claims that are patently false. A quick search online sees that the above-mentioned establishment as a 1.5 rating out of 5 to which I am not surprised in the least to discover.

Phillip Warren
1067 Winhurst dr
Akron, OH 44313
United States
[email protected]

This client, Phillip Warren who states "I am an auditor for the Internal Revenue Office" ordered three of our part number AIW SDP3/4-24-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze 24" Shower Door Towel Bar, received the material and then called upon receipt to states that the incorrect finish was shipped.

This shower door towel bar comes in only 3 finishes which are satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze. I quickly discovered that we could not have sent the client the wrong finish because there is only one dark color and that is oil rubbed bronze which the client acknowledged receiving. Attempting to have the client understand that we could not have shipped to the wrong color because the clients description was neither satin stainless steel not polished stainless steel and again because there's only one other finish possible resulted only in the client becoming agitated confrontational irritated and verbally abusive.

Pushing into this conversation all the while we knew that we had shipped the client the proper finish, it was clearly going to be a situation where the client thoroughly misunderstood what oil rubbed bronze is and the nature of oil rubbed bronze.

The client proceeded to make a very strong attempt to prove we shipped him the wrong finish and did ship one which does not match what the client wants however please be mindful that on the page that the client ordered from we have several actual images of the exact item that was shipped along with the video several minutes long showing the actual product. This is a very important aspect to this dispute. In fact I believe the fact that our website containing the actual product images and several minutes of video discussing the nature of the product proves an ulterior motive on the client's behalf.

I attempted to give the client a definition of oil rubbed bronze, the industry standard oil rubbed bronze, ORB, US10B, 613 & 640 & "living finish".

There are an absolutely overwhelming amount of industry documentation regarding the nature and definition of an oil rubbed bronze finish which all clearly state:

It is important to understand that 613 is a "living", unstable finish and will continue to change in appearance from the day the hinge is manufactured. Normal wear, exposure to the elements, and even handling the hinge during installation will affect the oiled surface.

Examples of this language are easily searchable online and I provide three examples of it here




Of course the industry proper in technical understanding of what oil rubbed bronze is was not what the client wanted to hear naturally because it didn't serve their position or argument and the client then told me that the reason he was rejecting them is because the box on the end of the box itself that identified the finish of the product was listed as US10B and not ORB as indicated on the website. Naturally I explained to the client these terms are utterly interchangeable in every respect. The client accused me of lying, being deceitful and simply being unwilling to rectify the problem. At this stage of the conversation the client became absolutely stubborn and intractable in this position and ultimately hung the phone up on me.

It is very important to understand that I offered the client absolute full refund including his shipping charge if only he would return the material to us if he was dissatisfied. The client stated that he would refuse to do so and would file a back charge. this is when I began to suspect that this client was potentially someone who routinely engages and credit card fraud because why would anyone refuse a full refund if only they would return the material?

This client did proceed to file a back charge and two weeks later the material has still not arrived back to us allowing us to post a full refund to the client.

Unfortunately there are people in this world that have nothing better to do than to try to cheat others because of some sort of sick defect in their personality even when the behavior is criminal in nature. We have posted an ic3.gov complaint as well.

In spite of the client filing a back charge to which the vendor, architectural builders supply, will be forced to pay a fee on top of losing the material because the client basically engaged in theft, being forced to pay the fee and then finally having to refund all of the money we still stand by our commitment to please the clients and post their full refund if only the customer would ship the material back.

My conclusion is that this client has engaged in credit card fraud and this message is posted so as to dissuade others from doing business with this person.

Stephen Cook
Cook Construction Company
7210 Jordan Ave
Canoga Park , CA 91303
United States
[email protected]

Steven Cook and Jill Cook ordered typical weather stripping that would be seen on an exterior residential wooden door and frame. In particular this client ordered a total of 3 pieces of the National Guard Products 284Q.

The order was received in the order was fulfilled and shipped.

Two months later, with zero advance communication, we received the product back to our shop and it destroyed condition rolled up in a used box and because of the small size of the box the material was rendered unusable and unsellable to a future client because of how the client rolled the material up permanently kinking and destroying the material. Proof of the damaged condition can be seen in the two photographs as seen here photograph 1 and here photograph 2

Within a couple of days of receiving this material we received a chargeback for the client stated:

- It was damaged or defective
- It was not as described
- Services were not rendered
- Item not received

The chargeback was concluded and closed in favor of this person Stephen Cook from Cook Construction Company. We appealed this decision with the card processing company who told us:

We are sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this matter has caused you. Sellers form the backbone of our customer base, and we regret the need to perform any reversal. Please understand that this chargeback was investigated within the terms of our User Agreement which you agreed to when you opened your account.

We certainly never agreed to in any terms in user agreement that we would supply material to a client, have them return it in a destroyed condition and then have to accept financial responsibility - lose the funds as well.

For the record when we ship weatherstripping of this nature we always ship it flat and in straight lengths because it becomes unusable if it's rolled into any sort of diameter less than about 24" and it most certainly did not use or recycle the box that is shown in the above photographs. In summary, we would never ship material to a client in this fashion nor in this condition.

It is unacceptable that we are forced to accept the conclusion of the credit card processing industry, that a shady and shifty character such as Steven Cook from Cook Construction can knowingly destroy material and send it back and then claim that they never received it where that it was received other than what they ordered and we confirmed very much that the material ordered is what was shipped.

John F Reece
1447 W. Elmdale Ave
Unit 2
Chicago, IL 60660
United States
[email protected]

Issue: This client placed an order for a piece of hardware.

The item shipped direct to the client from the factory. Upon receipt the client indicated that the length of the item was incorrect and indeed it wasn't correct and in fact it was an error on the part of architectural Builders Supply - simply a data entry error. As soon as the client made us aware of the error we immediately ordered the correct replacement from the factory. Two or three weeks later the replacement Hardware came in but we looked to verify its proper length - we unfortunately discovered that the item was damaged. The piece of Hardware is a piece of satin brass material that had micro scratches on it from the factory. We would never knowingly ship a damaged item to a client and we caught the item before it even left. this is a $80.00 piece of decorative material. It needs to look perfect prior to sending it to a client. In short we would never send anything to the client less than what they paid for.

The client was made aware of the damage and that we would have to order a third item to get the order right.

However Architectural Builders Supply simply forgot to order the corrected third item. absupply.net takes full responsibility for this. Rather than contacting us directly (and our telephone number is on the credit card statement always), a couple of weeks later the clients simply called his credit card company and file the back charge.

Obviously receiving the back charge from the credit card company Architectural Builders Supply contacted the client immediately and made arrangements to get the replacement item to the client immediately and on time and without any further delay or injury with the understanding that the client would close the dispute with the credit card company wants the item was received.

During that time the credit card processor for Architectural Builders Supply closeed the case in the client's favor. The client was made aware of our deadline on which we had to have him retract the chargeback in which he had three business days into order to do so. We contacted the client at least once if not twice every single business day of those 3 days asking for them to pull back and close the charge back. The client failed to respond, more likely refused to respond. The failure of response is what allowed the chargeback processor company to close the case in the buyers favor.

Now the situation is the client has all of the money, has the perfect piece of hardware all beit very late, however it did arrive ultimately, and now refuses us payment and also has told us in writing to stop contacting them. Client also refuses to allow us to send him a return shipping label. John Reece if you are going to tell us to stop contacting you - no problem and we apologize. We take full responsibility for this. However you are not entitled to call the credit card company and get all of your money back and then keep my piece our $80 door hardware nice and neatly installed on your door. This is where you made the mistake this is why you are on the list this is why you are to be shamed. This client is dishonorable.

Jerome E Schmidt
7132 W. Saddlehorn Rd.
Peoria , AZ 85383-7191
United States
[email protected]

Update: Jerome E Schmidt on April 10th 2017 brought his account to current and paid in full clearing off the record of this unfortunate series of events. Architectural Builders Supply has been paid in full and consider this matter closed and while we will not willingly do business with this person again in all fairness we must update the fact that the outstanding balance has been paid in full.
Mr. Schmidt made a small and simple order with ABSupply for a 48" door sweep with a vinyl insert. A few days after the order Jerry called and spoke with the customer service manager. Jerry was wondering why he didn't receive his order yet, and manager explained 2 things to Mr. Schmidt. 1st, the item was non-stocked item and had to made. That can take a few days. 2nd, that every manufacturer has minimum order requirement. Manufacturers will charge a handling fee for any orders under the minimum amount, so, as a service to avoid these pesty expensive charges, ABS adds the customers order to their own stock order and ships to their facility where they then ship direct.

Jerry was warned that ABS does not stock much of a particular Manufacturer's items on their shelf, and that also have a rather high min order requirement so it might take some time to make the order. This was emailed to Jerry on 12/22. Jerry obliged to wait.

After receiving the item, Jerry decided to do charge back. The customer service manager tried repeatedly to contact Jerry and ask why he did the dispute, and only after the manager mentioned how he was going to make a claim of fraud, because this is was Jerry committed since he obtained the order, and then received his money back by disputing the order, he decided to call the manager and use profanity at him, and for what ever reason let the manager know that he was some sort of Government prosecutor in his younger days. I feel bad for those defending themselves against Mr. Schmidt, because his line of evidence with the customer service manager still warranted a file from ABS against Jerome with IC3.gov as fraudulent endeavor.

Ic3.gov is site that lets small business file complaints against people that have made, or attempted to do harm in an illegal, or unjustified way against them. Hence un-warrented charge backs. When a person makes and order, receives the order, makes a charge back, the credit card company then gives them all their money back, and they don't have to send the products back. Plus there is fine against the companies that the charge backs made against. Well the customer service manager explained IC3.gov to Jerry, who in returned threatened the CM with violence. It was a comical statement considering first he told him he was "full of S^%t" and then the threatened him with the I'll stick that weatherstrip up your A%$" but a threat none the less.

Jerry must have looked up IC#.Gov and saw the site for what it is and decided to call the CM and tell him that he can not reverse the dispute, but that ABS should run Jerry's card again because he will pay for what he received. Jerry didn't like it when the CM mentioned that the IRS's email also ends in .gov just like IC3.gov, so if Jerry has done many charge backs in the past, the CM was going to recommend, as he always does to IC3.gov, to t ake notice an see if Jerry is obtaining many orders he gets his money back, and then keeps the product. The IRS wouldn't be getting the tax that Jerry owes them. Jerry could be audited because of that.

The CM told Jerry he would run the card again, which he did, and he also explained that ABS was being fined $20 for the charge back and that would be put on the charge as well and the credit card company will pay that too? Jerry said yes.

Card was charged again, and only few days later Jerry made another charge back. This time against the $20 fee from the original charge back.

So, Now ABS, after doing everything in it's power to help the ex-prosecutor of the government, they are now fined twice, and lose the amount back from the original charge back. Jerry will not pick up the phone. Jerry is a liar. Not was government prosecutor is supposed to be. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't have done a charge back. He is liar, because he was going to pa y for the item he still had on hand. His CC company never told him to have us run the card again. That was the lie, but even after explanation about adding the fee amount onto his bill, Jerry never listened, as he didn't in the beginning. So he charged back again. Jerry has all answers and does what he wants. Jerry harms himself out of his own naivety. Jerry is shame because of this. Jerry is a liar, Jerry makes his own rules and whines when they don't go his way, and Jerry also doesn't realize it when people are trying to help him. Jerry might be audited and it was be deservedly so. Jerry was a prosecutor for the government, I hope not the United States of America, even tho Jerry gets caught in his own lies. Jerry wants to harm the customer service manager with door sweep. Jerry is now being digitally immortalized on ABSupply.net PAGE OF SHAME!!!!

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