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Video review of Hager 497 3/4in Offset Bottom Pivot-Ball and Thrust Bearing

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Hager 497 3/4in Offset Bottom Pivot-Ball and Thrust Bearing. There will be three parts in you package. This is the floor portion, the 497 by Hager is the jam mount so this will be mortise to the frame. This pivot is a right handed. Here is the door portion. There is a link below this video to the Template to see all the dimensions. A 3rd portion will be your bag of screws to attache the floor plate to the jam, screws to attache the door portion to the bottom of the door. The link to the Template has all the dimensions not only the pivot parts it self but the machine is guide lines. This is how it looks like when it's assembled, this is a right hand door. I am standing on the push side, the door will be mounted in here and this will swing out this way . It's called 3/4" because of the dimensions from the face of the door to the center line of the pivoting access. Very common, very typical size for a pivot. This is a pivot of a large capacity in terms of the bottom portion. This is in satin chrome, available in several different finishes. Contact me if you have any questions how to machine this how to install them. The important note on this is engineered for 3/4" under cut. The amount of the under cut you need to accomplish is directly related to how deep you mortise the bottom arm. Per the Template you need upper right corner you can go from 3/16" min undercut up to 3/4" undercut. Your undercut is the distance from the edge of the door to the floor or possible to a trash hold but if you've got 11/16" max amount of gap that you can play with, if you want to bring the door much forward to the ground you can simply mortise this arm deeper into the bottom of the door so the door will come down over. If you have any questions regarding the Hager 497 3/4in Offset Bottom Pivot-Ball and Thrust Bearing or any other Hager product please feel free to reach out to us. Hager 497 video review thumbnail

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