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Video review of Bommer 7322-613- Adjustable Tension Double Acting-Spring Pivot Set

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer 7322-613- Adjustable Tension Double Acting-Spring Pivot Set. This item consist several different pieces: -top jamb bracket that surface mount to the jamb. Below this video there is a link to Template. The top pivot pin, you will end up removing this from the top jamb bracket. -top pivot socket intended to go like this. This portion is mortised to the top of the door. -bottom assembly This is the 613 finish, the oil rubbed bronze finish. This consists of this nut which in a process of installation you will remove and this washer. The spring assembly will come out of jamb bracket. Here's the jamb bracket. This will be installed to the frame. You've got your spring set here. The Instructions are very clear that you are not to remove that pin which holds the tension on the spring before installation of this item. Referring to the Template it's all very straight forward i think in terms of what you have to drill on your doors. The 7322 is the mortise style meaning that the bottom of the door is going to be cut up to deceive this body. This is showing in your Template as surface mounted i don't see why you can't mortise this flush. The installation of this per the Instructions. You gonna install this you gonna mark your top jamb bracket then this will be install on the top of the door. At that point you'll have the spring assembly, your bottom bracket, the nut and the washer. You'll mark on the jamb where the bottom bracket has to go then remove all of it . You will remove all of this together and then install the bottom bracket to the jamb then at that point you remove the top pin from the top pin assembly then the door with bottom pivot attached will mount through the bottom bracket, you will then use the nut and the washer and tight per the instructions. This portion is very important, you have to tighten down the bottom nut with the ranch so that the splines will force themselves into the bottom jamb bracket. That part is very critical because that's going to keep this from spinning inside to the bottom jamb bracket. Last thing you really do is to reinstall the top pin which you remove in a priviest step down through the top of the bracket, to pivot socket. Screws are included. You will get your tension rod. Set the tension: insert the tension rod and rotate it clock wise as you viewing from the bottom and you can resit that pin, remove the pin, put it back into a another hole with the tension rod in place and then once the pin is re sited remove the tension rod. This is a solid bras item. Back to the Template:the radius that you have to do on radius style of the door, per the Template the radius is called out 1 5/16" max, your radius can't be any greater then that number because otherwise your radius on the door will not be tight enough. The radius can't be any bigger than your door thickness. The cross section view in the lower right hand corner on the Template helps figure it out how exactly that is going to looks like. You will see these in court room all the time or in an application where is heavy duty use. If you have any questions regarding Bommer 7322-613- Adjustable Tension Double Acting-Spring Pivot Set or any other Bommer product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. Bommer 7322-613 video review thumbnail

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